Restaurant Grillhaus Daube is situated in the heart of Tallinn, right next to the Vabaduse –  Freedom Square, in a house with history from the 18th century. Grillhaus Daube got its name from a frenchman Olgerd Daube, who was a passionate hunter and loved to tell stories of his adventures and give some advice for his friends of what to make of his pray. Love of food was what kept Mr. Daube the man he was- a happy man. Not a day went by when one of his friends would come over and wondered what he had cooked for them today or what new ideas he has for their next meal. Not only he was a hunter but also a fisherman, there was never a lack of fresh fish on his always glorious dinnertable. Although he was a master of grilled food, his favourite was a spicy beef stew cooked in thick red wine sauce, nowadays also known Provance stew aka daube.

In our historical restaurant we serve food and drinks on two separate floors. All together it is possible for 110 happy hunters to dine together and have a good time. Downstairs you can enjoy a living fire in the fireplace and upstairs there’s a great view on Niguliste and St.Mikael’s churches. Original antique wood and stone make it a cozy athmosphere, which is easy to enjoy. In the summer we also have a outdoor terrace where you can rest your feet and have a glass of wine, surrounded by the feels of the Old Town.

Our grill-masters will never be afraid of challenges to serve only the best for your table, cooking a nice meal and a sweet bite for every occasion. With the juicy ribs, beef and fish we also offer a great selection of drinks. Our waiters can reccommend you a suitable wine and or beer for every meal and occasion. Our family will do its best so you would get an unforgettable experience. Find a way to us so we could find a way to your heart!

,, There is no love sincerer than the love of food ’’ – George Bernard